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Overall rating: 4.8

31 reviews

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My confidence grew with every jump. I've now flown slots I would never have volunteered for.
- Chris H

It took me a while to understand the basic idea of this camp, even I knew it before. The idea to be uncomfortable and do your best to solve it, even you don't. To gain skills not by completing the formations and doing things right, but by trying your best to do so.

This camp was a huge blast of knowledge, great people and devoted organizers. Thank you guys!
Jozef Just

It was 100% what I expected. OK, maybe 90%, I was hoping to end up with bigger than ~20, but it was not really necessary. What I liked (maybe) most is the concept of no-completion. I’ve been first from the plane, last from the plane (lead and trail), superfloater, base (both of them first time ever). Wouldn’t get the chance otherwise probably, because no record/challenge organizer with focus on completion would put a 100kg guy as a superfloater (I guess). This whole concept just eased off the pressure, and I could really try stuff, without any blame for screwing up. My first bigway camp couldn’t be any better. Also, the group vibe and Rob’s lead was great.
- Richard Kolozsi


A great event and fantastic to get multi-plane jumps from a skyvan; great DZ too and great location. Many thanks Brian for having me along, and I will definitely join you for another :-)
- Jason Fox

The importance of teaching us to fly properly instead of focusing on completions is the best long term lesson I have been taught in skydiving. We were cock a hoop at how well our first couple of jumps went on the Wednesday! Perfect! We said! By Sunday night I was looking at the videos of them and spotting the things I was doing wrong. That's after four days. Talk about quick progression!
I have left Klatovy with so much confidence that I'm going to do something I should have done years ago and go for my FS Coach rating. If successful I'll always pay my own slot. Brian and Rob have inspired me and I just want to help where I can.
- Phil Murray

this was incredible experience for me! having so few jumps, started jumping only less than year ago, i wouldnt even dare to participate in such an event half a year ago. it was a skydiving-life changing event, introducing me to big way formations, jumping my first skyvan jump, seeing and jumping my first multiplane! wow! and finally seeing FS as a sport! It was physically and mentally challenging, what I really liked. And I am not mentioning yet the group of crazy people who made such a great atmosphere.
- Ivica

Great fun, incredible drop zone and beautiful weather. What's not to like?!
- Richard Owen

because the event was managed with great care and professionalism
- Caparrotti Domenico

A great camp to get started with big-ways and a safe place to make mistakes. Well organised, fun people, plenty of material to work on and plenty of jumps to practice. Did I say the last diver out is allowed to do back loops on exit?
- Fabrizio

Great organisation, excellent briefs & debriefs, great bunch of people, great dz, & aircraft
- Martin Clarke

Brilliant organisation. Great coaching and huge opportunities to improve skill and safety.
- Ian Longbottom

Just a fantastic event with lots of progression whilst being taken out of your comfort zone
- Mark Hay

great coaches, great audience, much fun and learned a lot. one star less since we had no completion :-(
- Jens Klobes

I want rate it with 10 🌟 !! It was one of best experience in my life !! This is real skydiving when there is 100 degrees everybody is exhausted slowly cooking in his own suit but u still feel positive energy all aroun you thanks guys
- Martin Biro

important experience for big ways
- Massimo Dal Chiele

Well balanced timings for briefs & de briefing.
Challenging moving around different slots, but wouldn’t have it any other way.
Consistent methods to jump made great safe discipline.
- Gareth

The atmosphere of the group, the organisation, cares of particular and much more 🤙🤙🤙
- Massimiliano Rodofili

Friendly feeling from everybody, Positive energie and fun. I like camp, because no body is not angry if is missing some slot or mistakes.
- Jozef Hloben

I liked that the entire handing of stuff ran in kind of a guesstimate basis. I liked that the feedback forms actually produced changes in the operation. I didn't like that the group picture only included people that went for the inhop. I was impressed by the general skill level of the group led by Brian. The other group apparently was less *that* great (still great but less in comparison). I liked the attention paid to working on tracking. Brian's exit command needs audible addition. Brian's long orange mohawk made him easy to spot but if cut down to just 2-3cm lengths, would make keys more obvious. Generally all participants had a very positive vibe and no self-righteous egos, nobody was being taken a piss of as a running Gag. I think we could have pulled off a 40 way. I was very impressed by vika's flying skill, considering her 100ish jump count. I don't know her name and only got to see her jump the first day, but the young blonde girl seemed to have a solid performance as well. It's nice to see a new generation of gifted belly flyers and not just an aging elitist guard, driving newcomers, to just say "fuck this" and just stick to freefly.
- Jo
Fast-paced, Challenging, Rewarding
- Gordon Wong

Good people. Relaxed atmosphere. Inspirational and sympathetic leadership delivering loads of learning. What‘s not to like?
- Griff

Awesome camp to practice all the things you should be doing but can’t at your home DZ
- James Baird

It was my first Bigway camp and at the first moment I didn't know what I was getting into. But Rob led our group amazingly and gradually taught us how to improve our skills.
- Jana Faixova

Really good camp to learn the basics of bigways. I learned so much that I could not have learned at my home DZ.

Really looking forward to more events like this. Just because of how they try to push you personaly it really does not matter that there are no completions.
- Timothy Veel

Second turn in filling out the form: maybe Osaid it before in other words, but to make it short and simple - these 4 days were the best in skydiving I had in the last two years! Thx & shouts to Brian and Rob for providing the perfect environment 4 expanding & exploring knowledge. Feedback without "the stick" just in the right way that makes one want to try and be better.....
- Stefan

Excellent coaching, great fun, learnt loads
- Jason Burgoyne

Well guys, I don't know what to say. It was absolutely amazing, thanks for having me.

Here is also little story and the reason why I'm really thankful:

During Corona and the weeks before I thought a lot about taking a longer break (1 or 2 years). I've done a lot of fun jumps, you know those head down exit and sitfly jumps that doesn't work but everybody wants to do it because of coolness? So I decided to take a step back and taking a break for a few weeks because motivation was gone. Going to the dropzone doesn't felt like coming home anymore. I was so sad it felt like a midlife crisis for skydivers. That's why I joined your camp, to find my passion again, to know exactly what I will do in the future. Well now I know what I want and I'd like to focus on. Big way means a lot to me, it's not just jumping out of a plane. It's like a big family, it's challenging, it's so much fun, it's exactly what I'd like to do. I will drive home tomorrow and will let everybody know how cool it was, how familiar, and what a great time I had. So thank you for an amazing event, for bringing back my passion. It's always hard to leave but I love that feeling, it means I really have to come back and doing the right thing.
- Jaqueline

Brilliant learning experience! Like the way we did each jump quite a few times, got us closer to completions. I think overall people took everything that was talked about in the de briefings on board and it made each next jump better!

Really well organised in my (humble) opinion!
Phil Taylor